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I’m Carla Elias, a designer with advanced training in information design and media branding. During my professional career as a designer I have specialized mostly in packaging design. Other fields of design in which I have worked are branding and motion graphics, especially applied to content creation for social media. I use my CGI skills to complement many of my projects or as illustrative resources.

Apart from graphic design, my main passion is illustration, both digital and analog, that’s why I spend many hours improving my techniques and working on personal projects, as well as working as a freelance illustrator. But it’s worth to say that side projects are a must for me. Thinking about design, free from commercial pressures, helps me to break creative boundaries and keep growing.

I love to create fresh brands or products with unique illustrations and other creative elements that help to achieve powerful identities. I’m constantly evolving and discovering new paths to go through for being able to offer surprising results to my clients and to myself.

I would define myself as a passionated and tireless explorer. I love what i do and I truly believe in the power of design for changing the world.

I’m interested in taking part of new awesome projects, so if you like me, feel free to contact me. I’ll be happy 😉



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